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During our lives, we sleep on average 25 years, so it is important to choose the right bedding. .

The initial feel and the firmness of your bedding are the two key elements to take into account when making your choice. We recommend that you try our products in the shop to find the bedding of your dreams in line with your needs and desires.


To help you in this choice Tréca gives you some important advice to understand the criteria to take into consideration when purchasing your bedding.

There are two essential notions which need to be understood: Comfort & Firmness

–> The first step would be to determine the degree of firmness which suites you best.

The firmness defines the support the mattress gives your spine. Firmness is expressed through the technology of the mattress, in the case of TIP mattresses this would be the pocket springs. The pocket springs provide the TIP mattresses a progressive support when lying down and independence of sleep, meaning even if your partner moves in the bed your body doesn’t.

Your height and your weight define the kind of firmness you need, more or less firm according to your body shape. To adapt the firmness to your morphology is an essential criteria. A mattress which is too soft compared to your weight and height may not support your spine enough and cause back pain. On the other hand a mattress which is too firm may put strain on your muscles and thus trouble your sleep.

Furthermore, keep in mind that your body changes over time, a soft mattress may have been suitable at one time but may not be anymore.

–> Having chosen the firmness which suits you best it is now time to choose the comfort.

The comfort of a mattress can be defined by the first sensation or feeling one has when lying down. This comfort is provided by the material used within the top and the bottom of a mattress and a topper. 

Tréca Paris highly recommends visiting one of our retailers for more advice and for testing our different models. 




As most professional in the bedding business, Tréca Paris also highly recommends changing the mattress and bed base every 10 years on average. Each object which is used daily, as is your bed, is wearing out over time.

Each person is turning around about 30 times per night. Over a 10 year period this amounts to a total of 100 000 times. We don’t even realize how much stress our mattress undergoes.

Moreover, and this is an aspect which is taken even less into consideration, is the fact that the human body changes also over time. Our body cells do change every 10 years with the effect of changing their shape. Thus our whole body changes from childhood through teenage years but also over our entire adult life. It is thus most important that you change your bedding system to go with such transformations of the body which is taking place every 10 – 15 years. Our muscles, our bone structure our body shape alter with age and daily physical efforts. A certain type of bedding comfort (soft, medium, firm …) in which you felt at ease 10 years ago may become very uncomfortable or even cause back pain.

Last but not least, acarias (despite the application of anti-acaria treatment to reduce their presence) do also contribute to the wearing out of the bedding material as does humidity. Every night our body loses about half a liter during eight hours of sleep. Our mattresses are conceived to absorb humidity at night and to recycle it during the day. Nonetheless after years this does have its impact on the bed and its hygiene. Even the most resilient and breathing material suffer the effect over time. The comfort of your mattress can thus alter after several years.