L'art de la chambre

Our noble materials

To further improve the quality of our bedding, we have selected the noblest materials, rich in inherent qualities, in order to offer you a wide array of comfort options adapted to your needs. Whether they be natural or technical, we choose our materials for their thermal and moisture-wicking qualities and for their resilience in order to guarantee long-lasting comfort.

Mohair wool

Mohair wool is extremely resistant and slow to show wear. It has excellent temperature regulation properties and is exceptionally lightweight.

Natural silk

Natural silk, soft and light, has a high thermal insulation capacity and provides just the right amount of warmth. The feeling it gives is one of refined comfort.


Naturally supple, the fineness and purity of this fibre brings warmth and softness and offers a gentle support.

Camel wool

Camel hair comes from the animal's neck, the most delicate part of the body, and offers comfort that is exceptionally warm and downy soft.