L'art de la chambre

A pioneer in the world of adjustable beds, Tréca offers two exclusive adjustable bed base systems: CAD (Supercad and Cad3) and TRECAFLEX.
Our adjustable bed base suspension systems are completely hidden from view for a clean custom appearance.


Supercad: Four ultra-quiet motors ensure seamless movement between the five articulated sections to make sure you find the perfect position. The Supercad features will quickly become essential to your overall wellbeing: travelling system (sleeping surface moves backwards) enabling you to be near the light, memory buttons to return to your favourite positions, smart home socket, alarm, clock and torch features, heating pad, synchronised split beds, etc. Technology vanishes, leaving just exceptional comfort and quality. 

Cad 3

With the three-motor Cad3, you can adjust your torso, legs and feet to your desired position. The foot section is activated by the third motor, which adjusts the knee axle independently and generates wide-ranging versatility for the 'chair' and 'incline' features. 


The TRECAFLEX system, a Tréca patent, offers you the support of slats and the comfort of springs. This system comes in versions with 2 or 3 motors, manual and fixed, all of which can be integrated, mixed or matched to meet your needs. Each slat is comprised of a row of pocket springs, compressed between a beam of solid wood and a slat of supple plywood. Each slat is separate and flexible in order to provide ultimate comfort evenly distributed over the entire  base according to each sleeper's body.