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Louange Mattress

Couture Collection

Louange Mattress

Thickness: 33 cm 
Support: Medium-firm, Firm or Very Firm 
Contact: Soft
Suspension: Air Spring®


The Tréca Louange mattress is an integral padded lateral mattress, hand-made, providing durability of the linings based on natural materials. Its suspension is made of Air Spring® pocket springs on which we have added 2 layers of mini Air Spring® springs in order to offer you pleasant comfort thanks to a progressive support point by point, adapting to your morphology and perfect sleeping independence. The lateral padding reinforces the stability and the holding of the mattress for a perfect maintenance of the linings over time. The degree of support is fully customisable, you can choose between firm, medium firm and very firm. We have selected the noblest materials: Baby Camel and Linen.
However you can also chose from Baby Lama or Silk to personalise and adapt according to your comfort, preferences and needs, to offer you a peaceful night and a healing sleep. Your initials can be embroidered to personalise it and make it more attractive.

Louange Mattress


Winter side: Baby Camel 1,2 kg/m²
Talalay® 4 cm

Suspensions :
a) mini cotton wrapped pocket springs
b) cotton wrapped pocket springs

Summer side: silk 1,2 kg/m²
Talalay® 4 cm

Treca Paris tufting
Treca Paris lateral tufting

It is also possible to replace the winter and summer sides with: Baby Lama and linen.

Louange Mattress


Baby Camel

The Bactriane camel from which are wool comes from is raised on the highest mountains of Mongolia, it is of
the rarest and most precious kind. Known for its resistance to extreme low temperature. Its wool is famous for its properties
which include warmth and softness.


Soft and light fibre possessing high capacities to insulate and to preserve heat. It creates a sensation of refined comfort.

Louange Mattress