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Eloge mattress

Couture Collection

Eloge mattress

Thickness: 29 cm
Support: Semi-firm, Firm or Very Firm
Contact: Comfortable
Suspension: Air Spring®


Eloge is an integral padded mattress that guarantees a good performance of the linings made from natural materials. Its suspension is made of Air Spring® springs on which we have added mini Air Spring® springs to offer you real comfort while guaranteeing perfect sleeping independence and perfect support. The degree of support is fully customisable, you can choose between firm, medium-firm and very firm. We have selected the noblest materials. Your initials can be embroidered to personalise it and make it more attractive.

Eloge mattress



Winter side: Baby Lama 1,2 kg/m²
Talalay® 4 cm

Suspensions :
a) mini cotton wrapped pocket springs
b) cotton wrapped pocket springs

Summer side: Linen 1,2 kg/m²
Talalay® 4 cm

Treca Paris tufting

Eloge mattress


Baby Lama

It corresponds to the first shearing of the lama. A thorough sorting of the of the fluff and the rest of the wool
from the young lamas give this material its rich noble properties. The fiber of the flff is hollow which makes it warm but at the
same time light and soft.


Natural plant fibre, noble and very resistant; its humidity absorption capacity makes layers of linen especially nice and
fresh in the summer.

Eloge mattress