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Apogée mattress

Couture Collection

Apogée mattress

Thickness: 35 cm 
Support: Medium-firm, Firm or Very firm 
Contact: Flexible


Quintessence of the Maison Tréca know-how, the Apogée mattress comes from the traditions of excellence passed down from generation to generation.
Its Air Spring® double bagged suspension offers a perfect independence of sleeping. Its morphological welcome point by point is reinforced by the enveloping welcome of the Talalay.
The climates that make up Apogée come from a meticulous search to offer you the best: Royal Alpaca on the winter side and Merino of Arles wool on the summer side.
You can also choose from 4 other climates.
To make your Apogee mattress unique you can embroid your initials.
The Apogee mattress has a 25 years guarantee.

Apogée mattress



Winter side: Alpaga Royal 1,2 kg/m²
Talalay® 4 cm

Double suspension of cotton wrapped pocket springs

Summer side: Mérinos d'Arles wool 1,2 kg/m²
Talalay® 4 cm

Treca Paris tufting
Treca Paris lateral tufting

It is also possible to replace the winter and summer sides with: Baby Lama, Baby Camel, Linen and Silk.

Apogée mattress


Royal Alpaca

This wool, because it very long, fine and hollow is able to capture lots of air. This enables this wool to be insulating and to stay dry, providing an unmatched comfort. Also because it has long fibers, it is more resistant than cashmere.
The Alpage Royal fiber represents less than 1% of the world's production of Alpaca; it is the finest fiber harvested during the
shearing and the most luxurious one.

Mérinos d'Arles

Mérinos d'Arles wool is an exceptional wool. Its name is synonymous with high quality due to its appellation of origine. 
Seven centuries of process have transformed this wool into a fine, curled, supple, light and mellow fleece.

Apogée mattress