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Paris Budapest Mattress

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Paris Budapest Mattress


The Paris Budapest mattress offers you firm support and dynamic comfort thanks to the exclusive combination of Air Spring® bag suspension and Pullman® suspension: Fusion technology.
The Pullman® suspension provides firm support and avoids the bowl effect while the Air Spring® suspension gives you a progressive welcome following the curves of the body and providing a point-by-point support and a perfect independence of sleeping.
The climate made of noble linings, Linen, Silk, Cashmere and Camel Wool, will bring you softness as well as a natural thermoregulation.

Paris Budapest Mattress



Winter side:
Camel hair 400 g/m², Linen/Silk/Cashmere 400 g/m², hypoallergenic Cotton wadding 200 g/m²
Softcare® 1,5 cm

Fusion suspension
a) Pocket Airspring®
b) Pullman® springs

Summer side:
Softcare® 1,5 cm
Polyester and Linen wadding 400 g/m², Linen/Silk/Cashmere 100 g/m², hypoallergenic Cotton wadding 200 g/m²

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Paris Budapest Mattress